26443 Center Ridge Rd.

Westlake, OH 44145




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Monday 10-5
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We are located on Center Ridge Road between Columbia and Dover Center Rd.

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Chelsea's Consignments takes pride in providing quality home furnishings at affordable prices!

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Trapp Candles
A Bottle Of Perfume In Every Candle! 

Seasonal Scents from Trapp:

White Fur

Fireside Pumpkin

Lemon Sugar Cookie

Orange Clove


 Water, Indigo Acai, Exotic Spice, Bob's Flower Shoppe, Blackberry Vanilla,  Sexy Cinnamon, Orange/Vanilla, Fine Linen, Black Pepper, Mandarin Goji,  Fresh Cut Tuberose

Burn time 15-20 hrs  •  3 for $10.00 or  $3.50 each
~Large Poured Candles~
Burn time 50 hrs
$27.50 each